Comments from under 18s

White female- 18 years old- Clapton.

I am homeless at the moment because my family are alcoholics and used to drag me out of bed at 3am and beat me up. I am staying with friends on sofas etc. I have been to the housing office and they told me because I do not have a child and I am not a junkie, I am not considered a priority to be rehoused! I am upset because I am missing college trying to find somewhere to live. My tutor has said I can come to my course when I have time because I am a good student, but I want to do it properly so I think I am going to have to give it up whilst I look for a place to live. For these reasons if I was around at the time of the riots, I probably would have got involved because the government are not doing anything to help me.

Black male- 17 years old-

Post code wars didn’t matter during the riots because everyone came together. It was “us” against the police”.

Black Femlaes x3 and Asian Female x 1- all 17 years old

“they did it to be heard. The government are making things hard with increased tuition fees and reduced EMA so young people have no money to do things and they are being suppressed.”

Asian male- 18 years old “Cos the government is fucked!”.

Hackney Council event on the riots

Elizabeth Bayliss (Executive Director of Social Action for Health), myself and Shannon Nyabunze attended an event run by Hackney council, to look at how to learn and move forward from the riots. The event was held in Stoke newington town hall on 14th November 2011 and it was attended by some high profile members of the Council, the Police, the Independent Police Complaints Commission and representatives from local community organisations that were involved in projects that engaged with young people in the aftermath of the riots.

Carly Bond- ” I thought this event was tokenistic as there were hardly any young people there and it felt as though the organisers were holding the event more to keep face than to really reflect upon why the riots happened. I didn’t feel it was going to help young people”.